Differences between lifting and permanent eyelashes

It is very common to confuse between lifting and permanent eyelashes and, therefore, we will explain the main differences in the following article. When we talk about eyelash perm, we refer to an appropriate treatment to curl and shape the eyelashes, achieving a more pronounced curvature at the tips that will help us accentuate the natural curl.

On the other hand, eyelash lifting is an ideal treatment to raise and accentuate the curvature of the eyelashes in a natural way but without curling them, achieving more length but maintaining a sincere look while being enlarged. Fallen and smooth eyelashes dwarf the eye and turn off our look, so if we want to capture a seductive and beautiful look, we always recommend using one of the two treatments mentioned above.

It is important to remember that there are many unapproved eyelash curlers that end up being harmful to our health. We always recommend going to a professional who analyzes your case in a personalized way and with knowledge of the facts. How do we perform eyelash treatments?

At Cristina Herraiz we always use top-brand aesthetic products, recognized in the market and with proven results. Both permanent and eyelash lifting are simple and long-lasting treatments, yes, always carried out by properly trained professionals with sufficient experience to guarantee good results.What are you waiting for? Come and get your eyelashes to be the protagonists of any event, keeping your look radiant even after having wet them. In any case, we recommend that before starting any treatment you go to one of our beauty and aesthetic centers so that we can review your case in a personalized way and recommend the best option.

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